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Saying most but not all cops aren't proficient with their firearms is as bad as the original exaggeration that a person can fire a thousand rounds in two miniutes.
I never said that most cops weren't proficient with their firearms. I said they were ignorant about firearms. There is quite a large difference between those two statements. They may be expert shots with their own duty weapons and be totally ignorant about firearms in general.

If scores of 90 and better were not achieved the officer was sent back to the line.
Hmmmm! Most Departments don't use any type of scoring system and haven't for quite a few years. It's either pass or fail. It's a liabilty issue... you score 100 on the range but then miss the bad guy and hit Grandma, etc.

I dropped back into the low 90's. Got kicked upstairs so I didn't have to keep redeeming myself.
Uhmmm...ahhh.... pssst! You just vaildated my statement that supervisors can't shoot.

I stand by my statement that most but not all law enforcement officers are ignorant about firearms. Keep yer powder dry, Mac.

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