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If you really want to have an arguing point, try this one. I've already flummoxed a couple of anti's with it.

We all drive cars. And many, many people die in those cars every year. And the amount of foreign oil we import is a national security issue. The carbon they emit as well. So there is a "clear and pressing need for gov't action." We tried the nationwide 55 mph limit years ago. It actually "worked" if you mean it reduced traffic deaths and fuel consumption. But people didn't like it and gradually people just started to ignore it and drive way over the limit.

So that's where the problem lies. Those darn people that won't follow the rules. So what the President needs to do is "find a way" to REQUIRE every vehicle in the nation be fitted with a governor set to 55 mph. It's INSANE and DANGEROUS --- especially to the CHILDREN ---- that people actually buy cars with top speeds over 100 mph. Some "fringe types" even buy cars that can drive over 140 mph. Clearly there is no legal place in the US to drive such death machines so these radicals must be spending money buying them for some other nefarious reason.

If we put a mandatory governor on each car, we WILL save thousands of lives every year. "It's worth an infringement on some personal liberties if we just save one life!" Hey, we are talking thousands of lives. And how many fewer lives would be lost in pursuit of policies involving the importation of foreign oil? And the amount of carbon pollution would slow dramatically so that will save many thousands of lives as well.

Some lobbyists from the terrorist Car and Driver organization will make the laughable argument that a car needs to have higher maximum speeds so that they can easily pass other cars or even to avoid an accident in an emergency situation. Drivers should never be passing other drivers in the first place and their "emergency situation" is a scenario dreamed up by uneducated trailer park dwellers. There is no reason we should let their delusional rantings guide the policy of the US.

It is possible that we will run into so much political opposition to this idea that it will have to be approached in stages. The Administration has called a commission to make recommendations for how this situation can be resolved. We are hoping that we can release an Executive Order requiring all new vehicles be fitted with these governors. We will tell the public that they can keep their existing cars as long as they register them by VIN with the gov't. Of course our ultimate goal is to eventually pass legislation requiring governors on all those older vehicles as well.

Ultimately.. the most desirable outcome is to require all cars to have lower horsepower and therefore top speeds. A governor would be unnecessary if cars were required to be so low powered that "putting the pedal to the floor" will result in a maximum speed as low as politically possible. Some members of the Administration are known to actually prefer the eventual outlawing of cars altogether but the majority SO FAR believes that is unnecessary as long as top speeds are low enough.

But it is true that an ideal society would probably be one without cars. Where everybody rides a bike. What a beautiful and idyllic place that would be. The wild animals would come right out of the forests and eat food out of our hands. And every person around the world would treat each other like brothers!

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