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There is a major difference between shooting a +P 38 in an airweight and any micro 380. We have a couple TCP 380 and i bersa CC in the family and they are all easy to shoot . I FC a pm and cw9 and can tell you first hand all our family shooters enjoy the TCP 380 but none of the ladies like to shot the cm9 but most will shoot the cw9 repetedly with some reservations about recoil. The cm/pm series of kahrs may not be a wise choice ether as it is close or between to a 642 with +P ammo in recoil or snap. The CW9 now is different . Very controlable with a full grip for most people. The M&P shield would fit in this group along with a also lite weight KT P11 with a trigger much like your 642 but easier to shoot with its wider double stack grip. See what you can rent and what local/area members might have that your wife can shot.
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