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Just spoke with a manager at Walmart

Well I was at Walmart and wanted to see what if any ammo they had, called last night and was told they should be getting ammo in this morning.
Go in when they said, they didn't have anything, spoke with a mgr there and he said that there was talk within the company about not stocking .223 ammo.
My face went to this

Nothing is final by any means, just not the news you want to hear on a day off and when you're sick.

He said Walmart is the largest buyer of guns, makes sense, while your LGS has a bigger selection they only have one or two stores.

Walmart of course wants to make money, but I guess they need to look at how much money they make off selling products that the "anti gun" crowd dislikes vs how much business will they lose to Target.

The only bright side is the ammo that Walmart stops selling (IF they do) will still of course be produced and sold elsewhere.
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