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H&R 622

Hey all,

I was looking for a truck/woods beater that I didn't care about getting rusty, scratched, etc. I absolutely love my 50th anniversary MK II, but it's sooooo purdy, I don't want to mar the finish with holster wear or my clumsy butt landing on it.

The price of all guns has gone up, but I didn't think I did too bad at $150 for a fully functional 622 with minor surface rust on the cylinder and barrel on one side. Poor gun probably sat in a drawer in a kitchen somewhere. I think I'll polish the surface rust off, cold blue it, throw it in a holster, and see how the rabbits fare! It seems that the mainspring strut is prone to breaking, but Numrich seems to have plenty in stock. I think I'll order 6 of those and a couple other small parts and I'll have a gun to last me some time.
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