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For many years my left eye was my dominant eye. I shot handguns right handed, shoulder arms from the left shoulder.

In firing handguns, I sighted with my left eye. This meant my arm sort of "crooked" to align my gunhand with my left eye. I shot fairly well that way, usually outshot my companions, and if I may say so, everybody else on the range. I learned to control the gun in recoil even though it didn't roll exactly right.

After cataract surgery, my right eye became , more or less, my dominant eye. Now my gun's center line and forearm are lined up just the way the manuals say they're supposed to be.

I've shot a lot of heavy recoilling handguns, .454, .45-70, and .50-70, and the recoil is easier now than before. Had to resight all my guns, though.

Bob Wright
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