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Thanks for the inputs

I assumed the round hole in the butt was where the metal disk was at one time?
No one has commented on the eagle stamp that is on several parts. Does it not appear to be what the germans used prior to Nazi regime. I am disappointed to hear that it is not a 98k, as now looking closer at pics of actual ones, I can see where mine has more wood on top of the barrel and also behind the rear sight. I am now intrigued to find out what I actually have.
There are no markings on the top of the receiver , the bluing is consistent and does not appear to have been brushed. I have yet to completely break it down to see if there are further markings.
I appreciate everyone's inputs. This one may remain a mystery. As for the price of under 300 usd, I don't feel I've been ripped off, as the seller couldn't really tell me much about it either. The 178 next to what I have been told is the Munich Waffenamt stamp supposedly indicates the date Jan. 1978, when it was officially registered in Germany in Munich. So that is prob. evidence that it was brought in from another country.
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