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I've got an old friend I don't see very often ( BTW... I'm not the huggy kind of guy ) but he is... as a carry guy himself, I find he likes to "hug" people to see if / what / & where they are carrying... if I saw him regularly, that would bother me, but now if I know I'm going to see him, I try to wear something he won't find... I always get that inqusitive look & a "you aren't carrying ???"... at which time I tell him... yep... but you missed it

when I 1st started carrying ( MN open carry is legal, but discouraged ) I was always paranoid that I was printing, but I play bar league Texas Holdem with a bunch of police, lawyers & a judge, regularly, & none of them have ever commented, even when I'm stretched out dealing on a long table...

I wonder, also, how bad you'd have to actually have to "print", to get into trouble, where that is the law... I'd guess that a jacket or shirt riding up, actually exposing a gun would be needed to actually get prosecuted???
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