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It will be interesting to read and study Mrs Fienstien's bill. If it says something to the effect of "firearms capable of being fitted with a detachable magazine with the ability to contain more than ten rounds of ammunition", or equipped with a magnifying optic of over 4X we're in trouble.

Are there 1911 mags that hold over ten rounds? If so, that includes the 1911 whether you own such mags or not.

Then in a few years one will include "small, easily concealed handguns" such as snubbies and subcompacts as the weapon of choice for gang murders, then our deer rifles will be classified "sniper weapons" (after all, "real hunters worth thier salt" don't need to assasinate deer from over 100 yards), and the list will grow without end over the next decade unless we do something now.

Once all the guns are deemed to be illegal, I say we take away Secret Service and Diplomatic Security Service protection for our leaders and dignitarys becuase it will then be safe in our neutered society.

I am an NRA member, but I'm considering also joining the GOA, SAF and others.
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