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New CZ - (Very) Disappointing Test Fire

Okay, I'm not panicked yet, but I am concerned. I just received my new CZ 527 Varmint in .204. With it came a test fire sheet (see attached image). It is not impressive.

I'm new enough to the sport that I don't know if a group measurement is supposed to be center-to-center or edge-to-edge, so I have two measurements. 10/16ths or 13/16ths at 50 meters. Converting to yards that's 1.14 MOA at best or 1.49 MOA at worst.

I haven't been at this long, but using a sling and laying prone I can shoot 1.5 MOA with factory ammo using my old Browing BBR 30.06 that has a tapered barrel. Needless to say I'm not impressed at all with this CZ test sheet. I expected this rifle to be a tack driver. I'm not going to be shooting PDs at 300 yards reliably if this is all the better it will shoot. I could even miss a coyote! Obviously the test fires were done with factory ammo, but still...

I'm hoping there is some factor of which I'm unaware that explains the wide group. I'm going to be incredibly disappointed (actually I'm thinking of a much more perjorative word right now) if this is a 1.5 MOA rifle.

Any thoughts? Should I be concerned?

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