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I think a point is being missed. A thousand rounds of rifle ammunition, (besides .22) along with a rifle and the boxes or magazines that hold them all is going to be quite a bit of weight.
Yeah, I hinted at that in the original post. I don't have a case of .223 to weigh, but it has to be at least half the weight of the case of 7.62x39 I just bought (a lot), plus, where do you put 33 magazines?

Is it just me, or do others think the guys in DLiller's linked youtube video above are missing some screws firing a weapon that's intentionally on fire?
I have to believe they had done this before, at least to the point of setting the handguard on fire, and that is why they had the hand guard with the forward grip. They also switched to gloves when it started getting too hot to handle.

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