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This is the first I've heard of lead bullets loaded reversed damaging a forcing cone.
Obviously, since cones don't have a problem with wad cutters and will last about forever when shot with them, the idea that a reversed bullet will damage the barrel is false.

What damages forcing cones is primarily shooting the hot loaded lighter jacketed bullets, or heavy overloads of even heavy jacketed bullets.
Unless you're using gas checks, it's almost impossible to push a lead bullet fast enough to damage the cone.

It's possible the idea of reversed lead bullets cracking the cone comes from people allowing the lead bullets to foul the cone, then they start shooting hot jacketed bullets.
Most of the S&W Model 19 revolvers that showed up with cracked forcing cones were not cleaned and had cones heavily fouled with carbon and bullet metal.
To me, that makes sense.

the old reverse loaded hollowbase bullet, its claimed that the reverse loaded hollowbase wadcutter will create to much pressure on the FORCING CONE and over time cause so much stress upon the gun, that the forcing cone will fail, and some how blow out the barrel.
Are you talking hand loader's? I think your statement does have some validity.

TBS the hallow base (loaded correct) has a small hemisphere causing a vortex that can hold the unburned powder past the forcing cone. LOL, I'm just rolling the dice on this one.
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