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If you have the cash at strategic times, you buy ammo and guns Months before certain presidential elections, or Months before a
possible "king's coronation".
People should have Anticipated, and bought what they actually wanted, when they wanted it, based on the terrible reality that the US is always one mass tragedy away from a media and buying frenzy, especially after Tucson, Aurora and the Portland Mall.

Did panic buyers not see the trend and realize who resides in, or could be re-elected to the White House and which party has the Senate majority?

This price bubble will deflate after a while, and lots of AR, Mini 14 etc owners who were never interested until the last two weeks or so will be unhappy with what they paid, after prices come down a bunch. Lots of happy buyers will be smiling.
Buy high-sell low, or be stuck with it. Nobody forced anybody to buy anything.

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