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WHat to buy?

I have the cash, got the nod of approval from the spouse that the checkbook will survive ammo costs (me with a new gun costs a lot cause I shoot em a lot!), and now comes the hardest part choosing...
I'd like another Snubbie (who wouldn't?). Though an adjustable sighted 4" would be nice, There is that sweet new German made S/a .22/ .22Mag and there is even a possibility of buying a Glock 17 and even a Ruger Target autoloader .22 would ne nice!
So how does a guy make up his mind?
Home and Personal Defense is a major part of the decision and even that .22Mag makes sense. I have several Pocket guns but a +P.38 always has it's appeal. There are literally 8 to 10 possibles on the .38 Special market.
Smith makes the best sense to me when buying a new Snubbie because they have so many models! Though Tarus has some dandy prices and the warranty and features make them palletable. Colt dosen't have too much to offer at reasonable prices. Rugers are heavy but built to handle anything!
This is going to be a purchase just for my appreciation and enjoyment since I already have all the basic want's in .22 and .38/.357.
I need to do this before gun confiscation and maybe the "Blue Helmets" march in the streets. I want to enjoy it for a while.
Heck I even considered a Stainless Ruger Bearcat just because I always wanted one of the tiny S/A's.
Making your mind up when you really don't need another handgun is ahard thing to do!!!
Ah but what fun it is!
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