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I just can't believe this!

My Local Wally World sells guns. They have for as long as I have been going there 5+ years. This is one of the only Wally Worlds in IL that does within 100 miles. They sell Shotguns, Bolt Action small to medium calibers and you can order a number of guns from the catalog. They have never sold AR rifles or accessories. I went late night shopping there tonight as I normally do and I always walk through he hunting/fishing section and what do I see? No not a AR! I wish! They had AR accessories from Blackhawk. Pistol grips, rail accessories and attachments?

They also had .223, 9mm, .40 S&W, .45 ACP and .22lr ammo in stock.

My guess is that these were items that they were gearing up to start selling do to the high demand of the EBR before the last shooting and they just got them in.

Their shooting gear and accessories aside from the New AR stuff seems to be getting better. They never had Human Silhouette targets and now they do? I hope the trend continues in my local IL Wally World.
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