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Why is no lube on a GLOCK bad? I've Seen the torture tested buried for 2 years 500 rounds fired, etc.

But that's beside the point. This is how I use it. Tell me if this is wrong or right:
Tell me if I'm wrong. WHEN I go shooting, I will lube it lightly. When I'm done I'll clean it ( if necessary such as I shot it a lot).

NOW when it's sitting in my car, in the cold, or when carrying it, I DO NOT use lube. How can no lube hurt a gun that is just sitting there or being carried? If I had to use it in SD, all there is is ten rounds. I doubt 10 rounds fired with no lubr would hurt it. Even if it did, in a SD life or death situation I don't think that kinda thing matters.

So if I plan on brining it to the range I LIGHTLY lube it. When carrying/sitting in my cold car for long periods i de-lube it and run it dry. Doesn't that make the most sense? Lube it if I PLAN on going to the range, but when it's just going to be sitting around for weeks/months in the cold to remove the lube and leave it dry? Since its just sitting there i don't possible understand how it could
Be hurt without lube from carrying it/having it sit there. IMO it's better to run it dry in the winter just in case the lube applied acts up from the cold .
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