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It may be "well above average" as a corrosion protector but I didn't claim anything to the contrary. What I said was that it wasn't as good as BreakFree CLP as a corrosion protectant, and I based that opinion on the results of various informal tests I've looked at.

Here's a thread that links to several corrosion preventive tests.

The tests referred to in your links are included in the thread, however, neither of those particular tests compare BF CLP to Ballistol. The 6mmBR test uses BF CLP but not Ballistol, and the muzzleloading test uses Ballistol but not BF CLP.
BTW, Ballistol smells just fine.
I'm sure some folks think so, but I'm not one of them. Neither, apparently is mumbo719's wife, nor these persons:

"...Ballistol smells TERRRIBLE!"
"...I've noticed it does have a distinct - and now to me - unpleasant odor."
"...I quit using it because I can't stand the smell of it."
"I don't like the smell..."
"The smell is so bad and strong it actually upsets my stomach I mean instantly upon smelling it."
" does smell like dirty gym socks..."
"The smell of Ballistol almost makes me sick..."

You may be especially surprised to read the following person's opinion. He says, with regard to Ballistol's smell: "I think most would not like it."
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