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Well... what would be a .357 load that has as good of terminal performance as a .45 ACP? I know they operate on two different principles (fast, small bullet vs large, slow one) but there has to be some point where they're "stopping power" (hate that term) is about equal.
The 357 magnum outclasses the 45 ACP with just about any load for SD, although the margin may be slim. You pay a price in blast and recoil. Blast and recoil are mostly range issues. During moments of acute stress the adrenaline dump you get causes among other things audio and video exclusion which will cause you to not really register the blast. The same adrenaline will give you a VERY strong grip so that recoil will be mitigated to a large part.

The big slow/ small fast is more 45 vs 9mm, even though the 357 and 9mm are almost identical bore diameter the 357 generally fires a heavier bullet. I am a Smith snob, I much prefer a J frame 357 over a Ruger.
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