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I have visited four gun shows and three gun retail stores in Virginia since the holidays. Taking into account a lot of the purchases were just that, holiday spending, I have seen things trickling back in and going right back out.

The semi-auto rifles are coming in, as one person I deal with in a store told me, its just that they are usually gone within a few hours of being on display. Magazines appear to be a hard find, but they still are available by some at gun shows, retailers have the, but a PMAG 5.56 is now 29.97.

Ammunition has been very sparse, some becoming available but not in enough quantities to fill the shelves and feed the ban frenzied public. I have even talked to some people who are purchasing to stock pile. They're not prepping. They're not afraid of the Mayans or the Asteroids... most claim it is an investment and expect 200+% turn around inside of the year.

I'm not sure I get it. Honestly, I didn't buy into the whole thing the last time the bans had legs. Is this the same, worse or what compared to that? I'd sure like your opinions if you been through it.
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