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S&W 5904

I've found a used 5904 at a local shop. The lower frame being the alloy has wear, some of the finish has worn off around the edges. The internals seem to be in excellant shape. The decocker/safety works, the magazine safety works, and they drop freely. The bore is bright with good groves. It comes with (2) 14 round 9mm mags. The frame is/was a black finish, the slide was steel (not sure if it was polished stainless or a matt finish.

Is it worth a pick up? I know the all steel 5906s are built like tanks, but are there any reliability issues? I know the finish on the frames was an issue when it was not taken care of, but that's just cosmetic. I might even be able to have it refinished.

Price under $300.

Thanks for any input.
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