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.44 Magnum recipe ID

Hi, I'm loading a .44 mag recipe that was photocopied from a friends book, but I can't remember the brand, unfortunately my friend is no longer with us so I can't contact him to get the name of the data book.

I'm hoping someone may recognize it from a book they have.

Bullet: 44-240 SWC (GC) - 240 grain SWC with gas check (.430)
Primer: CCI 350
Case: Remington
Test Firearm: Ruger Redhawk 7.5" bbl
Powder: H110 Start: 21gr. MAX 22gr. (no listed velocities)

Anyone recognize it?

It seems very similar to a couple recipes in my Speer manual but speer does not list a gas checked 240 grain SWC, they list a 225gr and 250 Kieth bullet with the same powder and similar min and max.
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