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It's weird what people have panic bought. There isn't a mag to be found in my area for a measly Ruger SR-22. That's a dinky little .22 pistol with a 10 rnd mag. What??

Every ATI aftermarket stock for ANYthing in my local stores have disappeared. Huh?

Ruger BX-25s are non-existent for 10-22s, yet the comparable mags for AR style .22s still sit there. ??

Pricing on 9mm has gone up a couple $ /box, but .40 has gone up a full $5, and they literally have cases of that crap on the shelves AND piled up under the shelves, spilling over to under shelves that aren't even handgun related. It's everywhere, but it's gone up 5 bucks.

It's them dang Black Helicopters I think. I saw 'em hovering around. Gotta be some kind of Black Ops sneaky conspiracy thingy...
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