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I sold stuff. Made a killing on ak and sks rifles and magazines 2-300% profits. I never got into the ar thing I hated the m4 when I was in the service I was not going to buy one as a civilian. Thankfully I was able to pick and choose my weapons pretty freely.

I was tempted to buy some more M1A stuff before prices went up. One of my suppliers had a couple I was looking at but they did not last long. I'm not worried about an awb. It could happen and I may eat my words later on but on a scale of 1-10 as of today 1/9/13 I'm at about 2-3. Slightly above my worry of a terrorist attack and way below global warming and the threat of a second year of drought in Iowa which would be devastating to our state economy and make it much harder for me to buy what I want.
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