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Aguila Blanca, I'm not sure if you're reading my posts in their entirety.

I'm NOT disagreeing with you, not to sound rude, but if you've seen a few of my other threads it's extremely clear that I am AGAINST any form of new legislation that will limit our rights even further.

I am providing questions and trying to ask this guy from another forum how he thinks we would even begin to regulate the things you had put in bold from my previous post.

I'm not trying to be disrespectful here, but please read some of my posts here, I think it's pretty obvious that I support the 2A, I came here to get your opinions and so that I may hear some of your arguments so that I may perhaps strengthen my own while being able to find new ways to support my views on the matter.

Still not convinced? Simply look at this thread I made a while ago of me talking about how I was debating a guy who was clearly, while not entirely, leaning towards the anti gun camp

@D.W That's what I'd like to see as well, instead of hiding our children away from the "evils" or firearms, I say provide them with more education about them, rather than "Guns kill people, you should never use a gun". Allow clubs and such to be established that encourage proper and safe handling of firearms again. We had them before if I recall and we didn't have mass shootings in schools everywhere.

We hurt our children more by being overprotective of them than letting them experience and learn from things. They will fall, bump their heads and scrape their knees, it's up to us to pick them up, dust them off, and teach them how to deal with it and learn. That's what proper parenting is IMO.

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