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Blah blah. My guess is Bidens statements are an attempt to get people stirred up in an attempt to keep this issue "hot". There have been other news articles claiming the White House is already having trouble keeping Congress interested in this matter. Given the publics short attention span, and the governments tendency to focus on the latest issue of the moment, this is no surprise.

Do a search on Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell where he claims the Senate won't even be taking a look at this issue for at least 3 months.

My personal opinion is that right at this moment, this is an issue that is in no way a win-win for supporters of increased gun control. The politicians stand a real chance of alienating as many voters as they might gain, if not more so, and politicians being politicians votes are rather special to them. I don't see that you can claim votes aren't an issue because Obama is done. Many Dems will still be looking at reelection and they will be guilty by association.

Look who's in charge, VP Biden. No offense to him personally but politically and historically speaking the position of VP has been about one of the most useless positions imaginable. I believe he's in charge so the Dems can appear to be "on the job" on an issue they are hoping is going to quietly (more or less) go away so they don't have to stick their necks out too far.

Boy hasn't this gone way off-topic from "Which AR should I buy"?
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