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I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but...

When you progress from "fairly old" to "old", your eyesight will progress from "barely able to focus on the front sight and target" to "Can only focus on one of them - the target, or the front sight".

No problem with a scope, at any age.

The secret to easy to see thru a scope, is to use a low power. This gives you a wide field of view, and what is called "non-critical eye relief". That means the scope is not finicky about exactly how far your eye is from the back end of the scope.

Leupold scopes have very non-critical eye relief. I have one of their scopes that goes from 1.75 power on the low end, to 6 power on the high end, and it is very easy to throw up to my shoulder quickly and be able to see the target through the scope. In fact, I never take my eyes off the target, and when the butt of my rifle settles into my shoulder, the scope is lined up perfectly with the target, and I see a full circle thru the scope, without any portion of the field of view being blacked out. I don't even look for the scope - it's already there. All I have to do is make a small adjustment to place the cross hairs precisely where I want the bullet to hit, and it's a done deal.

Try it - you will like it.

P.S. The first (center fire) rifle I learned to shoot was an M-1 Garand. I could hit 3 out of every 4 targets at the 400 yard range. Open iron (peep) sights. Age 19. Now, @ age 71 - scopes are a wonderful thing!
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