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Cops can't shoot from [email protected]! ????? I spent three tours on our SWAT teams. Scores of 90 or better on standard BLET courses for pistol, rifle and shotgun or you were placed "on notice". Thirty days of remedial training and a retest. If scores of 90 and better were not achieved the officer was sent back to the line. I don't remember anyone ever going back to uniform because of firearms issues. Our personal goals were 95 or better. At least two thirds of the team members wore Distinguished Marksmen pins indicating they had shot a score of 100 at least 5 consecutive times. We could all shoot! I shot well until I had to start wearing those #@%$$ progressive bifocals. Prone and kneeling from the 25 yard line were a bear. I dropped back into the low 90's. Got kicked upstairs so I didn't have to keep redeeming myself.
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