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As to the original question would I feel safe carrying a 1911 while fishing in Alaska bear county. In a word NO. I would at the very least be as nervous as a politician in front of a grand jury all the time. The only thing I might feel "safe" with would be someone I trusted with my life, standing by with a good long firearm that he is very good with. Would a .45 ACP kill a bear, probably but there is no set solution to the huge variety of what if's. Heck just yesterday the forum was discussing the fact that a .38 isn't a good Self Defense round, because the one bad guy in the story got shot 5 times in the face and ended up running away! Bears killed with .22 LR sure, people shot with .30-06 and lived, yep, but I'll go with the odds and prefer to have extra power, and better yet an extra shooter should I ever be lucky enough to go fishing in Alaska.
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