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New shooters; gun owners, true story...

I agree with Mac(and with the CT trooper).
About 4 years ago, I did my mandated state re-qual with my Ruger GPNY .38spl revolver. The young guy in the lane next to me was "new" & never fired a real sidearm before. He made a few minor errors & put his 9mm rounds in a Glock magazine backwards.
On the live range, the security class student shot a great 240/240 with no effort.
It goes to show that some shooters have natural talent & just need to learn tradecraft. It's not hard but some people(cops, guards, military, etc) make it difficult.
I could shoot all day if I had a open range or unlimited ammunition sources.
Only the bright sun, heavy rain, bugs, or constant loud noises would make me want to quit. I've shot outdoors & indoors and I prefer indoors for most handguns.

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