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You have an awesome little varmint gun there. I have a model 700 "varmint special" in 6mm remington and I shoot 100 grainers through it and it does great on deer. But like the above posts say, although the .244 shoots the same exact round as the 6mm, it will not stabilize the longer and heavier bullets well. That kind of hinders it vs. a 6mm for deer size game. 6mm has a 1:9 barrel twist and I believe the .244 is like 1:12. Thats really the only difference in the two. If you dont handload, you can find factory 80 grain 6mm ammo pretty easily. That should shoot pretty well in the .244. Had remington originally come out with the .244 with a 1:9 barrel, we might be having to answer the question; whats a .243 Winchester?
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