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One powder for .25 to .45??

When I start to reload, can I get by with only one powder for .25, .380, 9MM, .38 SPL, .45 ACP and .45LC? If yes, which?

Surely, I would not need 6 different powders!

From looking at some loading manuals when I visited a father (county sheriff's dept.) /son (city police dept.) LEO family ( with equiptment, etc to load everything and 40+ and 25+ years of experience) and I actually, under their close supervision, reloaded a box of .44 Spl, I saw that of about 6 or 7 powders listed in the manual for the particular bullet weight, each had a different # of grains for the same velocity. Looks like I could choose, for each caliber, one powder, and load one weight for target and slightly more of the same powder for SD so long as I stay within the min / max load recommdations for the particular bullet. Right?

May be wise to load for same velocity (and kick?) for both the practice and the SD bullet. What do you say about this.

OK, some powders burn faster than others and a heavier bullet needs a faster burn, right? So , maybe I need two or three powders for the 6 calibers based on bullet weight and powder burn speed. Which ones?

I'm not interested in going to the range with a chronometer or chronograph to check velocity. I'm looking for simple.

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