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Originally Posted by Kimio
He did mention some form of grandfathering, which would IMO defeat the purpose of the license in the first place. Also, as you said, what of personal sales through local gun owners or gun shows? How do you regulate something like that? It soon becomes a logistical nightmare between resources, finances and of course politically, even something as simple as this would be an absolute mess and certainly, given the past and current political agendas be used and abused to asinine levels.
Look, Mate ...

You're in Utah. Keep in mind that the Sandy Hook shooting was in Connecticut. Just about ALL the anti-gun laws being discussed are already IN FORCE in Connecticut. Connecticut has some of the most restrictive firearms laws in the country. Not quite on a par with California, New York and New Jersey, but close:
  • Assault weapons ban - check. CT has one
  • Mandatory locked storage if children in house - check. Required in CT
  • Mandatory reporting of stolen firearms within 72 hours - check. CT adopted this four or five years ago. (Tough to comply when you're dead, however.)
  • Mandatory background checks at gun shows - check. Required in CT
  • Face-to-face private sales - half check. Long guns may be sold face-to-face, but even private sales of handguns must have a transaction approval from the State Police, and the buyer must have a CT carry permit.

And let's not lose sight of the fundamental fact that ALL these proposals are aimed at circumstances that were NOT factors in Sandy Hook. The shooter did NOT buy the Bushmaster at a gun show, he stole it. The Bushmaster was NOT an assault weapon - it was purchased legally in a state with an AWB so by legal definition it was not an assault weapon. The kid carried 30-round magazines (reportedly a LOT of 30-round magazines), but he was dumping magazines when they were half-full, so magazine capacity wasn't a factor.

To repeat myself yet again: You have drunk the Kool-Aid. The problem is not "gun violence," therefore solutions focusing on guns are useless. Allowing the anti-gun zealots to direct the discussion solely to guns is surrendering the high ground.

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