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Little known/often overlooked S&W 65LS Lady Smith. Unique blend among K's of vaunted 3", fixed sight, full lug/shroud, satin stainless. Pre lock, pre transfer bar--as most are. Outstanding gun and the best K Frame made IMO.

Other "bests":
- TOOTGWME (the other one that goes with me everywhere): S&W 431PD .32 H&R scandium snubbie. J Frame goodness.
- - Most fun (by far): Ruger Single Six .32 H&R Mag--in all its incarnations since 1984, but currently own a trio of "Vaqueritos."
- Overall ("emotional" choice: caliber/cartridge, format, charm, DFF (daily fondle factor), OIWMTM (one I would miss the most); a tuned and custom gripped Ruger New Vaquero .44 Special "Sheriff" 3.75" polished stainless, w/ Montado hammer swap--and I'm not normally a big polished stainless or short barrel fan in an SA. Close runner up: same in blued 4-5/8". Would/will be at least tie for top with a planned CCH job.
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