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You didn't say which caliber the CZ83 is. I assume you mean .380, but they also came in .32acp and 9mm mak.

I have both the CZ 83 and Sig P232, in fact several Sigs, as they come in several different models. I've always looked at the CZ as an overly complicated gun, small for a service weapon, heavy for concealed carry, reliable and accurate enough but not made of the highest quality. The 83 is an improvement over the 82 in many ways, but still basically the same pistol. Other than it's quality the only flaw I really wish were corrected was the lack of a safe decocker. For a gun of similar size, use and capacity I prefered the Beretta 84, which was quite a bit lighter, carried more ammo and was the high quality I'd want in a CCW.

The Sig is a very high quality pistol. It's a gun I have carried but only for limited times. It is very light in comparrison to the CZ, but has less capacity, only the 7+1 mags. The gun is very accurate, easy to shoot well and slim enough to easily conceal. It has several available grips to suit most any shooter.

I've had CZs break or wear beyond expectations. I've yet to have a Sig break or wear out.

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