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45acp is a pepole gun and doesnt penitrate enough for furry critters. Its a slow bumble bee bullet. I have taken several black bears. Our black bears in Central Pa are some of the largest in the world. 500-750lbs are quite common with one being shot(illegally)last year at 1000lbs. The average grizzley bear is 500-700 lbs. A honest 500lbs black bear would scare the crap out of anyone that has never seen a animal that large in the wild and any pistol does not feel like enough gun. That said, a pistol will work if you shoot him correctly but it doesn't give you a warm and fuzzy feeling like a shotgun does. I hunt with a 300Win Mag but I have gone up against a bear this big around my house several times and its always with a 12guage with a pistol by my side.
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