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Alright Gonna buy and open top!

Alright folks, I've nixed the extra barrel GPR project. So I'm gonna finally buy an open top. And I'll be darn if I can figure out which one I want. What I do know is it has to be a "correct period revolver" So help me decide. I kinda want a .36 but that means I have to buy all the stuff that goes along with a different caliber. You know mold, wads and or punch. So can I have some suggestions. I love the way a '60 Army looks but its .44 and the .62 navy is basically a '60 Army but in .36. Can you guys give me some help. Is a .36 faster than the .44? Ok I'll quit babbling, I just can't decide at all . If the funds permitted I'd order one of each LOL. I even like the smaller guns like the .31 cal pocket guns.
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