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Mag. Wheel Man,

It really depends on the itch that needs to be scratched as to the price some of us are willing to pay.

Some years back, I bought a TC, "Classic" on the strength of their ads which said it would shoot 1/2" 50yd groups and had a match grade trigger.

Well mine didn't/wouldn't and after a trip back to the factory, after which it came back and jammed on the first clip of ammo, it went down the road.

My itch still needed to be scratched with a .22 that would proform!

I looked at Kimbers, nice! and slobbered over Coopers and mean while I heard about a Clark Custom 77/22 that was sitting in Spokane.

Well it sat there for awhile as I continued to look and slobber until I finally had a chance to see and check the trigger for myself.

The rifle came new from Clark at $785 shipped to a fellow in NE Washington and he quickly traded it because of weight. Apparently un-fired.

I bought it for $600. Lot of money for a .22, at least for this Ol'Boy but from the first it shot like I desired and did so with a good number of different ammos. Great trigger and tiny groups!

Three or 4 summers ago, a friend and I had a shoot off/shoot out, he with his Savage single shot semi-targer rifle and me with the CRuger.

The first go around we shot mostly target ammo, including Lapua and Eley and when we finished, Jack's rifle had shot so very well with the match ammo I began to wonder at the investment I had in my rifle and scope.

Then, we had a second go round, and this time with typical "off the shelf" .22 ammo and I had my answer.

This time, Jack's rifle lagged far behind the Clark with it's Walther barrel while shooting with this lower quality level of ammo, clearly showing the difference in rifle quality.

Now as most of us know, we can usually, by testing, find an ammo that will shoot at least reasonably well in many if not most .22 rifles.

However, if your itch is scratched by a rifle that finds many brands and types of .22s to it's liking and shoots quite a few of those into tiny 50yd groups, will it just may cost a bit more then the run of the mill, off the shelf .22.

Not putting anyone's rifle choice down here, but am saying that for some of us, the itch may cost a bit more to cure then for others.

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