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They very rarely break. Ask yourself this: would you pass by a Luger becuase there is no manufacturer support? Buy high quality all steel pistols that are decades old and you will find that they are essentially a lifetime investment. Plus for the <ahem>... $250 average cost... buy three.
It is not that they break it is that you will not be able to find small parts like springs, mags and mag parts which are wear parts which need to be replaced if you shoot the gun enough.

To answer your question about the about the Luger it is a red herring because I would not purchase a Luger as a carry gun. I would not put thousands of rounds down the pipe or a Luger like I do with guns that I carry and shoot often. I would however purchase a Luger as an investment piece and special occasion shooter.

Sorry but I do not see the Stars which are being sold these days, all of them are issued surplus guns, as collectors. YMMV
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