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It has NO crest or markings on the top of the receiver ring ? That would be unusual.....and might indicate a "scrubbed" receiver. The stock and bolt handle resemble a Yugoslav M48 series rifle. However, the absence of certain markings appear to eliminate this possibility, unless those marks were scrubbed. Also, the hole for the bolt takedown disc in the stock is not a feature found on the Yugo rifles. I don't see finger grooves in the sides of the forend (of the stock) that mitigates against a Vz24 (unless it's not the original stock). Absent further info, my money is on the Belgian short rifle (I can't remember the model designation)....or a contract Mauser, made in Europe for a country outside of Europe.

The (possible) scrubbed crest/markings (missing from) the receiver ring are intriguing.

One other possibility, that's just come to mind..... a Yugo M48 series "BO" ? Those were deliberately produced without normal markings, to hide the country of origin. But then, there is the hole for the bolt takedown disc to consider.

The "2750" , on the underside of the bolt handle, is just an assembly number....used to keep groups of parts together after initial assembly. After initial assembly and fitting of parts, the rifles were disassembled, the parts numbered, then the various parts were sent for final finishing, bluing, etc. The stock was also usually finished, at that point. After that, the parts were reassembled into a finished rifle. So, that number has no value for determining the origin or year of production of the rifle. It IS useful, however, for determining if the rifle has matching parts. If so, then the various major parts, such as the barrel, the receiver, the bolt, etc. should have the same assembly number.

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