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He did mention some form of grandfathering, which would IMO defeat the purpose of the license in the first place. Also, as you said, what of personal sales through local gun owners or gun shows? How do you regulate something like that? It soon becomes a logistical nightmare between resources, finances and of course politically, even something as simple as this would be an absolute mess and certainly, given the past and current political agendas be used and abused to asinine levels.

Who would fund this? Where would the "Qualified" trainers come from? We are in the middle of one of the greatest financial crisis' this country has had since the great depression, so I doubt any kind of federal aid will help get this off the ground let alone sustain it, there are just much bigger fish to fry.

I would love to see every law abiding gun owner go and seek education on proper handling of fire arms, but it's simply unrealistic to believe that everyone would have the time, cash or desire to even do such a thing.

@Aguila Blanca: The guy I was talking to wasn't talking about how it would affect crime, he just was saying he thinks that training should be mandatory, but as in real life scenarios, how many of us follow an exact regimen when it comes to our firearms? Some of us grow complacent simply due to going through the motions so many times, or others simply don't care. I think what he's hoping is that this will help impact cases where it's not the fault of a criminal but through accidents and the like.

I'd argue that while training certainly makes it more difficult to claim ignorance, the fact is, this is just another speed bump for the law abiding to purchase that Ruger .22 they've been wanting. It does nothing to actually affect the chances of said tragedies of tiny Tim taking daddy' cool shiny 1911 and accidentally blow his or some other poor sods head off.

It's the burden of the individual, and I think the OPTION to become educated needs to be just that, an option.

As soon as we start legislating what is needed or not needed to be known, liberty dies IMO.

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