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No apology necessary oldsap! I don't wear that And believe me, as you can imagine, I am literally surrounded by the Feinstein/Pelosi/Ed Lee supporters and it angers me to no end. This state has it's proverbial head WAYYYY up it's arse. But again, it just brought me back to my previous night of cruising GB thinking "AWESOME. Can't get the semi-auto rifles I want. Can't get certain 1911's I want. And now I can't get a sweet, used GD Remington Model 7, 700 BDL, 870 Wingmaster, Marlin 336, etc., etc. because no one wants to ship to CA???? ***!!!!!!!!!!" I really feel like I belong somewhere else. Vermont or New Hampshire to name a couple Yay obligations!

Back to the .308 & this guide gun. I really hope that it doesn't go away because it lacks the ol' standby in its lineup. Again, I think Ruger thinks they filled that niche with the Scout. I dig that Ruger continues to come out with new stuff. Even if it's just new iterations of old/existing platforms. They're keeping it going!

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