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I disagree that seeing that it doesn't shoot it's self for a week will make her comfortable carrying it. You could use the same logic to say that if you don't need a gun for a week, you could go without carrying at all. For most people it's not being uncomfortable with what "will" happen so much as what "might" happen.
Another potential down side to a single action, is the generally fantastic trigger - under duress it would be far easier to have an unintentional discharge than it would be with a gun with a longer and heavier pull.

Don't get me wrong - I think the 1911 is a fantastic platform, and it works great for some people as a carry gun. However, it's not just paranoia or ignorance why some people don't like carrying a cocked single action.

If she really likes the 1911 platform, but doesn't like cocked and locked maybe look for a Para double action 1911? I've only shot one, but it seemed like it was pretty well put together, and the trigger was quite nice.
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