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"why does anyone need to own an assault rifle"
Cause they are a lot of fun to shoot. Rip off a 30 rounder on a metal target gets my blood up and a huge smile forms....

My nieces ask me every time they come out, can we shoot today? I love them sooo much

If and I say if cause of where I live, any folks want to come in and wreck havoc, I sure would rather be able to defend myself rather than a call to 911 about my dead family if Iam able to call that is.

Some folks feel all secure in their own skin, someone outta go mug them once, let em know the feeling of not being in control, of not being secure, then and maybe then they will sing a different tune.

I'm not waiting so I go armed and have a gun in the house. I feel for those that dont feel the need to protect themselves and their families. Their family sure doesnt need to suffer cause of no guns in the house...
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