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Best cheap? Oxymoron.
Well, while "cheap" and "inexpensive" aren't the same thing, in the context he used it most everybody understood that he meant "inexpensive."

I've been in a financial position where I couldn't necessarly afford to buy "the best" so I had to settle for the "the best" I could afford. I wanted a Browning A5 when I was a youngster. I had to settle for a Sears/Roebuck 12 ga pump. It was a lot "cheaper" than the A5, but still dropped many a whitetail.

And let me know if you ever want your money back for that pretty little ruger there.
Naw. I appreciate the offer, but I think I'll hold onto that one. Shoot, I haven't even fired it yet. I need to correct that before too long.
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