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Chuckle, own at least 9 BSA scopes, most are on anything from a 22 Hornet to a 30-06, but not the particular one starter of this thread ask about. Mine are: 1 Contender, 3 Platinums, 3 Majestic DX, 2 Gold Star and one model I don't know. Avoid the really low end BSA (bubble pack type usually found in stores) and you may have decent success with a BSA. Leastways, I have. Just an old timer here on a limited budget for his shooting/reloading hobby done at range I'm a member. Gee, some of my fellow elderly members at range wanting an inexpensive rifle scope, think the way I do about BSA scopes.

Let me make this clear. Own a few nice brand name scopes that cost a heck of a lot more than my BSA. But if someone asks me to recommend a low priced scope for an inexpensive rifle, certain models of BSA is one I'll probably suggest. If they have a higher end rifle and have no problem with amount to spend on a scope, then I certainly will recommend another brand.

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