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Also being said, my BIL had one live fire "shootout", if you will, in his LEO career. One of the 3 LEOs involved was a person of long time service, very professional and trained. He carried a 1911 (one of my favorites) and during the actual fight he never got a shot off. He kept pulling the trigger on a pistol he did not release the thumb safety on.

I'm sure with enough training that can be overcome, but that reason is why i would not carry a 1911 - the safety.

I'm just not a fan of it.

Agreed.... Amazing and accurate range gun. If you haven't extensively trained with the 1911 under stress. I don't recommend carrying it.

I'm trained with a Glock 22 from start the Miami Dade Police Department.

My muscle memory is trained with Glock and SIG Sauer.

I tried to do classes with a 1911, after a while shooting and training with the two aforementioned. It was disastrous.

No where near as pro efficient as with the SIG or Glock under stress.
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