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Just found this site!

After some reading, I thought I would introduce myself. I am just starting to get ready to start reloading. My wife bought me some stuff at a yard sale including: RCBS Special 5 press kit that includes a 505 scale, primer tray, case lube pad, a 22-45 cal funnel, a dial caliper case length gage, a case loading block, and some hammer looking thing that is clear green plastic. In the basket of stuff, there was also a die set for a .32 Win Special, a Lee Auto Prime, a 2 Vol set of Hornady 4th edition, a Speer Reloading manual, assorted bullets (no of which I will use), shot (for 12 gage), and a bag of 100 wads.

To go with the wads, there was a MEC 650N progressive reloader that neither the press nor the attachments look like they have been used. My wife just stumbles onto these things. She paid $100 for all of it so I would spend more time in my shop and save money at the same time.

I also found a Lyman Reloading and cast bullet guide for getting started in reloading and casting.

I know there are newer offerings of these books, but do I need to go to the expense, or will these get me going? I will be reloading: 45 ACP, 357 mag, 380 auto, 223/5.56 NATO, 300 Win Mag, and since I have the equipment, 12 gage. I will be doing some reading on here and in whatever books you suggest. I have already found that sometimes it will be cheaper to buy some bullets in a box and reload them versus buying new cases?

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