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Write your reps!! it only takes a second

I had not previously found an option to write everyone at once and I like it.

I wrote the following..........

Ladies and Gentlemen,
I like many share the heartfelt desire to mitigate and eventually completely eliminate every and any violent tragedy in our society. I cannot begin to conceive of the pain felt by the families of the mass shootings in our country or for that matter the murders that happen every day.

If I could somehow magically be guaranteed that giving up my 2a rights and therefore my firearms would stop all of this instantly I would have little need for them in the first place and oblige without question.

The issue however is that we live in a world where sadly evil does still exist. It is for that reason along with sporting reasons that I own firearms in the first place. Please do not make it harder for my family, friends, and loved ones to protect ourselves.

Please do not disarm the populace who believe it or not are on your side. None of us want evil in our schools, churches, malls, movie theaters, or anywhere else.

We are firearm owners largely because no matter how hard you try you as the government cannot protect us 24x7 365. We believe that we have a level of responsibility to provide our own protection.

Sincerely, A Patriot

Feel free to use any or all of the above in your own writing everyone.
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