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and know how to properly maintain and handle a specific type of firearm.
You'd either need a really comprehensive course, or multiple certifications.

Beyond that, you can look at a place like California for the answer to the question "Does mandatory "safety" training have a measurable impact?". For handguns both a handgun safety certificate is required along with a safe handling demonstration at time of purchase in California. The answer is no.

Coincidetally and anecdotally, this happened in California, and I'm pretty sure police receive safety training.

ETA: This unfortunately happened in my town. Multiple of the 4 rules being broken, leading to an negligent discharge that could have hurt/killed the suspect, or a fellow officer.

It is good to see that you're engaging in multiple discussion about these topics based on your posts as of late. I know very few fence sitters, my friends are all either on board with 2A issues, or have closed their minds to any discussion of such.

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