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Thanks for the reply... Mine has a brass frame, forend tip & butt plate, & all the other parts are stainless... it gets really hot & humid around here, & my hands sweat alot... I was really worried about the engraved 357 lever ( 3rd one down in the pic ) that I used last year, picking up rust before I could oil it down... I never had that problem, but feel more comfortable with stainless... my Rugers are polished stainless, & I think they look nice ( could "almost" pass as nickel ??? ) I figured if I polished the stainless on the rifle, it would have a similar look... BTW, don't know if you can tell or not, but it has an octagon barrel, & is a rifle rather than a carbine... but when I shoot CAS, I'm not a "gamer" I'll be shooting classic cowboy, & have always kept track of "my" times, & only compete against myself... if I can get the brass birdshead grip frames, I think the set will look pretty nice...
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